Wednesday, 22 March 2017

5:2 Diet - 2 days down

Just a quick update! I have 2 fast days under my belt now but I have to say yesterday's was by far the easiest one.  As I mentioned in my previous post Tuesday's are most definitely my busiest day, so an ideal day for keeping my mind of food.

I stuck to the same routine yesterday as I did on Saturday (even the same food as I enjoyed it :) ) and it worked really well. I got up around 7am and started the day with a cup of tea with semi-skimmed milk.  From then on Saturday went as follows:

Nothing all morning

  • 2 x turkey rashers (69cals)
  • 2 x eggs scrambled (124cals)
  • with 20ml semi skimmed milk (12cals)
  • Small tin of Tomato Soup (173cals)

2 further cups of tea during the day and 4 large glasses of water.

Total = 378 cals (plus around 23 cals for each cup of tea)

Yesterday I just changed the quantities slightly as Saturday's total was a little low:

Cup of tea first thing

Nothing all morning

  • 3 x turkey rashers (104cals)
  • 1 x egg scrambled (62cals)
  • with 10ml semi skimmed milk (6cals)
  • 1 x white toast (103cals)
  • 5g butter (37cals)

  • Small tin of Tomato Soup (173cals)

2 further cups of tea during the day and 3 large glasses of water.

Total = 485 cals (plus around 23 cals for each cup of tea)

So how did I find it?
I found that I could easily manage the morning with no food at all as long as I had my early morning cuppa.  Between 12-1pm my tummy was just starting the rumble slightly so this is when I put lunch into action.  The afternoon was tough.  I was at home and haunted by constant thoughts of food.  I don't think I was really hungry but just wanted something 'sweet'.  By 5pm I really was hungry.  I decided to try and wait till about 6pm for my soup but just couldn't wait any longer.  Was feeling a little bit woozy and just in need of sustenance.  During the evening I felt fine not particularly hungry but I can honestly say I did feel a bit tetchy and short tempered.  I was glad to go to bed as early as possible so that I could get up the next day and start afresh with something nice in my belly.

Again, I managed the morning absolutely fine without food and didn't have lunch till 1pm.  I decided to add a slice of bread into lunch.  I know the diet doesn't overly recommend carbs but I felt that I needed a little bit more to get me through the afternoon and I was still easily within my calorie target for the day.  On the afternoon I was busy and out of the house which was great.  Didn't feet hungry at all but I did suffer with jelly legs around 3pm and went a bit shaky.  Assuming this was a lack of sugar.  Got home and fed Freddie so by the time I had my soup it was 6pm.  Again, this felt fine and I wasn't overly hungry.  Out again during the evening at ladies choir and wasn't even tempted by the lovely cakes someone had bought along for their birthday.  A little tempted to snack on my return home but didn't give in.  Went to bed feeling happy that I'd sustained another day of fasting.

Further thoughts?

Ok, so I really think this diet is sustainable but I just need to see now what kind of results I get as to whether I'm still eating too much on my non-fasting days.  At the moment I'm just sticking with what I normally eat and will see how I go.  I did make one major cock up though with timing the start of my diet plan.  My next fast day should have been Saturday but I'm off out to the theatre with a meal beforehand.  I thought, it's ok, I can fast on Friday..........erm nope hubby and I are off out for a meal as tomorrow is my birthday.  And with Sunday being Mother's Day I'm not feeling the love for a day of fasting.  So it looks like there'll only be the one fast day this week and then back on the plan from next Tuesday as normal.

Results so far

Ok, so I know I said I'd weight myself each weekend but I was just desperate to see if there were any initial changes (plus I didn't fancy weighing in after a weekend of birthday celebrations!)

When I started last weekend I weighed 145lbs.  Upon weighing myself this morning I was 142.4 so a loss of around 3lbs.  I'm not daft and I know this is mostly water weight but nevertheless it's still and start.  Will keep you posted on my progress.

Thanks for stopping by! x

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