Wednesday, 26 April 2006


Well we got back from our 4 night trip to Tenerife at 1.30am on Tuesday morning.  As you know P bought me the trip to Playa De Las Americas for my 30th birthday and it was my first trip abroad.  Had the most fantastic time and the weather was extremely hot.  Much hotter than we'd expected it to be.  We spent most of our time on the beach, eating out or shopping!

Some of the places where we ate out were The Drop Inn, Head or Tails, Mick's Cafe, Las Vegas and The Steakhouse.  All were great in different ways.  Heads or Tails and Micks' Cafe were both English places.  We had meals at both especially Micks Cafe where we went every day for lunch as it was just off the beach.  A pint of Estrella there was 1.5 euros so as you can imagine, P had rather a lot of those even though Dorada seemed to be the beer of choice lol  We also ate at 'La Cas del Pescado II' on our first night.  They had the most amusing man standing out front promoting whom I assume was actually the owner.  He had a laugh like 'Mr Miyagi' from the Karate Kid film and wherever you were round and about you could always hear him saying 'We do good Tapas..... you like Tapas?'.  Needless to say he became known as 'Mr Tapas'.

The Drop Inn was another great find as they had live entertainment there each night from 10pm (some were better than others  )  But the best night of all had to be Sunday night.  We started out at 'Las Vegas' where they had the most entertaining Portugese singer/saxophonist/keyboard player/guitarist I've ever had the pleasure to meet.  He got us dancing, singing and even made all the passing children laugh as they walked past.  Thoroughly nice chappy who I hope we'll see again some day.  We then ended the night in 'The Drop Inn' where, wait for it.................. 'BLACK LACE' were performing!!  We couldn't believe it, cheesy I know with Agadoo, Hot, Hot Hot, Brown Girl in the Ring etc, but a fantastic nights entertainment all round with plenty of food and beer included

Every meal we had during our stay was delicious with no exception.  The people were friendly (apart from the supermarkets close to the hotel where the shop assistants looked like they'd seen just one too many tourists!)  P tried out the Spanish he'd been learning and all the restaurant/shop workers that we met seemed very appreciative of this and tried to help out.

Looky-looky men, promoters, time-share people were very in your face.  I didnt like this at all but P said it didn't bother him.  I just felt after saying 'non gracias' for the 100th time I was a bit peed off!

Would love to go to Tenerife again but maybe try some of the 'greener' areas further North.  Flying was fine - didn't like the take off much but being up there and the landing were all ok Definately have the bug for this overseas travel now and can't wait for our next trip abroad.