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Even though I've been playing the piano and singing since I was little, I've only written a few of my own music compositions.  My first attempt was a few years ago when I wrote a song for the school choir.  I got up one morning with a little tune going round in my head.  I sat at the piano, tinkered a little, wrote it all down and .......voila!  I had kind of an idea for words as I wanted it to fit with the theme of moving on and moving forwards and having friends to help you out (I had the year 6 leavers in mind).  For once, the words came easily and with a little help from 'A', the song was soon complete.  The school choir performed 'Now's the Time' in their summer concert 2010 and also performed it at the Himley Music Festival.  A parent who is also a teacher within another Birmingham school, approached me after hearing the song and asked for permission to use it for their schools centenary.  His school is producing a CD for the celebrations and I'm really excited that 'Now's the Time' will be included.
Now's The Time - Coming Soon

Since writing 'Now's the Time' I've had a few more inspirations but unfortunately I'm not so good at writing lyrics!  One of the songs I've recently written, now known as 'I Never Said Goodbye', is a slow ballad type song.  I recently wrote some words which although a bit emotional, I think, are appropriate to the sound of the song.

'I Never Said Goodbye' (c) Music & Lyrics Rachel Griffiths 2010

When we look, to the past
I’m sure we thought our time would last
We’d always have another day
A day to say goodbye
Now that day has gone and so
The way I felt, well you’ll never know
I loved you more than words could say
I hoped you loved me too
Who can say, who’s to tell
What you felt in your heart
Now we’re apart
Well I guess I’ll never know, never know
Life goes by, in a glance
We should have talked while we had chance
But now you’re gone and all I know
(is) I never said goodbye

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