Monday, 16 July 2007

Camping nr Symonds Yat

P, myself and the kids all headed off to Coleford nr Symonds Yat at the weekend on our very first camping trip.  We had a fabulous time despite the awful weather on Friday night and Sunday morning.  Along with the 4 of us there was also 5 other adults, 5 kids and Arthur the dog :-) camping in other tents.

We arrived Friday night about 8 ish and then endeavoured to erect the tent in torrential rain.  The water dripped off us by the time the tent was up but our clothes soon dried the next day in the lovely sunshine.  Saturday morning Jo was in charge of bacon sandwiches and then we all headed off on a long walk to Symonds Yat.  Once there, the kids went across the river on the foot ferry and then returned to us for drinks before the trek back to camp.  It was hard work for some of the kids but I think they enjoyed it all the same.

We barbe'd Saturday night and then chilled out after the long long walk.  Plenty of beer and wine was had by all and we really can't wait for the next camping trip now.  Just hoping for a little more dry weather next time as I've spent all of today getting the tent dry!

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