Monday, 31 January 2011

The 2011 mission to get fit - Update 1

Thought you might like to know how my 2011 'mission to get fit' was going, so here is a brief post to update.

I went into 2011 knowing we were going away to Florida in Feb and potentially away again for a second time in the Summer for P's 40th birthday.  The prospect of walking, walking and more walking around the Orlando theme parks and having to wear a bikini had me a little worried.  I'm certainly not overweight by any means but my fitness levels are, well.......*blows raspberry* and I really do have far too much flab hanging round the old tummy and hips.

Since January the 1st I have been keeping a food diary with the aid of Nutracheck (which I find extremely helpful) and limiting my food intake to 1500 calories and 52 fat grams per day (as Nutracheck suggest for my size and weight).  In addition to this I am now visiting the gym 2 - 3 times per week along with running, walking or kinect on the other days.  Obviously, I occasionally have bad days where my calorie and fat intake goes over what I'm allowed (yesterday being one of these days...whoops! ) but as long as I don't let it happen too often and keep up the exercise then everything is fine and dandy.

I am 5ft 3 and when I started out with my 2011 healthy life plan on Jan 1st I was 9 stone 5.  In the first couple of weeks I lost 6lbs taking me down to 8st 13 but this was probably mostly due to water retention and just basically getting rid of the initial crap out of my body.  I was a little disappointed to have not lost any weight over the last  couple of weeks but upon measuring myself I have now lost 1.5in from my hips and bust and 1in from my waist so my body is now adapting muscle wise to all the exercise I'm doing.  Losing weight isn't so much a priority for me but more so toning up, although I know I need to lose just a few more lbs for any muscle to start showing definition.

I am planning to let go with the old food diary while we're away (yes, I will be sampling the american cheesecake!) but hopefully the constant walking will help me maintain my current size and weight.  Will keep you posted!

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