Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A busy week!

Well, the clock is ticking and the weekend's drawing nearer.  I keep thinking that everything is now done and prepared for the holiday but then another little item crops up on my 'to do' list!

Cases are at least packed (kind of) but hand luggage is still to do.  I always have a real panic when we go to Cornwall for the week, always thinking there's something I've forgot to pack or do, so as you can imagine a 3 week holiday is a bit of a nightmare for me in the 'panic stakes'!

My quiet week has turn out to be 'not' so quiet.  My work list seems to be getting longer as the week gets shorter.  With risk assessments still to write, emails to send, bookings to deal with and accounts to manage, holiday packing is now becoming less of a priority as we try to tie up all the loose ends with the business before going away.  Who on earth takes a 3 week holiday when they run their own business?............hmmmm we do! Oh well, once we're there I insist that there will be no talk of health and safety (and yes 'P', that involves your overly critical assessment of any Disney attractions and whether they have a safe system of work in place! ;) ).

'S' is off to Baggeridge Country Park tomorrow with school on the Leadership Program.  He's really pleased to have been chosen to take part but as he's a little scared of heights he's also rather worried about the prospective zip wires and abseiling he may have to partake in!  I've already told him that he can use it as a practice run for the stomach churning things Disney and Universal has in store for us!

'A's had a good week with better results in her mental maths tests.  She's had a couple of maths tests to complete at home before we go away but we don't mind seeing as she's missing a bit of time from school.  She's also off to see a Michael Morpurgo play on Friday at the local theatre.

Ear Candling!

'P' and I had a rather different experience last week when we went for a treatment of 'Hopi Ear Candling'.  After 'P's cold and my ear problems whilst flying we thought it might be worth a try as we'd read some great things about it online.  The whole experience was quite pleasant and not at all uncomfortable.  It involves the insertion of a hollow tube or 'candle' just inside the ear and then the top is lit.  As this burns down to a certain point it creates a kind of vacuum which removes blockages from the ear.  Yes, I know it's a bit gross but after the treatment you can even open up the candle to see what has been removed - the results were amazing!  I'm popping back again tomorrow with 'A' to have a second treatment and she's also having hers done to help with flight pain.

School Choir

Music preparation has also been a little busy this week but this has been very productive as we now have some idea of an order for the school concert.  Still a bit of recording to do for the backing CD but at least Jo has some new stuff to be going on with while I'm not there on piano duty :)  After yesterday's rehearsal I don't envy her! Our 56 well behaved choir newbies have now settled in and are starting to push the boundaries a little! I'm sure she will have them eating out of her hand by the time I return though.

Ladies Choir

No worries on the ladies choir front.  It feels like we've been learning the songs for soooooo long now with all the concert postponements that we know them inside out! The only one we were still struggling with was Queen song 'Somebody to Love'.  There is constant 3 part harmony in this throughout the whole song along with Yvonne and I doing solo lines and the whole thing has been a bit of a challenge.  Over the last couple of weeks though, this one has really come together and all that's left to do is a bit of polishing to tidy up the timing and expression.  I've told them I'm expecting great things when I return in 3 weeks :)


  1. Wow!! busy busy busy little bees you all are!!! re holiday packing - useful tip - don't worry what you forget to take with you, you can always get there!

  2. Yes, I think I need to get into that way of thinking and stop worrying so much! :)