Sunday, 3 September 2017

Parenting, it's a rollercoaster

Ok, so my last post was a rather negative one but hey, I'm not apologising, everyone needs to vent at times.  But following on from that I can't believe the change 3 weeks has brought.  Freddie will be 10 months next weekend and in that short time since my last posting he has learned to sit up completely unaided, has his first tooth through (yesterday), has developed an interest in TV, but best of all......wait for it......drum roll..........HE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Not quite sure how this change came about but he just suddenly did it.  He now goes up to bed around 7.30/8pm after having a bottle, goes straight off to sleep and doesn't stir till around 7 ish the next morning.  It's absolute heaven!  You can imagine the relief hubby and I are both feeling.

After trying to keep Eliza occupied at home unsuccessfully I made it my mission over the last few weeks to take her and Freddie out more and wow her behaviour improved no end.  Don't get me wrong, we still have the occasional 'terrible twos' moments and she's getting rather argumentative and defiant in her old age, but she seems to have got so much out of our days out.  More to come on our day trips in future postings.

The house has gotten a little tidier.  I've tried my best to de-clutter a fair bit and moved the lounge furniture to open up the space a little.  Freddie can now scoot about in his walker to his hearts content while Eliza dances around to her latest Disney favourite.  We've had a quote for the kitchen floor (finally!) which at least feels like a bit of progress, the garden has been tidied and de-weeded and I'm almost at a level playing field with the constant piles of washing.

Abi is all enrolled to start at college again next week after a not so good start last year.  I'm confident that the lecturers in her subject field will give her all the help and support she needs to get through.  Sam has been working hard and is off on his jollies tomorrow, lucky so and so.  He's off to beautiful city of Venice which is definitely one on my to do list.  So whilst extremely jealous I'm looking forward to the piccies.

All in all life is good again.  So onwards and upwards we go.

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