Monday, 7 May 2007

Puerto Pollensa, Majorca

Just returned from a fab 6 days in Puerto Pollensa, Majorca. It was our first time here but sooooo pleased we'll be returning in 5 wks, it was beautiful.  Left here on Weds 25th April from Birmingham and can you believe it - I got frisked again!  Only visited Birmingham Airport twice and on both occasions have been frisked, I must have that kind of face

Arrived in PP around 6pm and the weather was breezy but sunny.  Had a stroll down to the beach and visited the nearest bar for a spot of tea.

We stopped at the Apartments Don Miguel which we were a little concerned about due to a few bad reviews we'd seen, but too be honest the apartment was great! Basic, but clean and tidy and in a great position overlooking the pool.  The staff were friendly too as were the other holiday makers stopping at the resort.  P attempted the pool a few times but I only ventured in on the last day - OMG was it cold!

We sampled a few drinking establishments while we were there RAF and Palms to name a couple.  But the place we spent most of our time was 'Bony's Tea Shop' in the church square.  It didn't seem to matter what time of the day or evening we went here it was always busy - a testiment to the fantastic 'Jose' who ran the place and he's ultra friendly staff, namely 'Pablo'! Jose is such a character, he has several catchphrases which include "people, people", "don't panic, don't panic", "people..... viva espana!".  He also throws handfuls of sweets out into the square for any passing kids to go collect. Pablo was extremely friendly and helped P no end with his attempts at Spanish even though we could tell he found my efforts highly amusing.  On our last night at Bony's I decided to have one of their "large spirits".  P had asked Jose previously, who decides on the measures?  Jose's reply was simply "if I like you, you get a very large measure".  Upon asking for a Southern Comfort with just ice I was bought something resembling a brandy glass which was then 3 quarters filled with SC!  All that for 4.90 euros which I believe to be about £3.50.  Needless to say I don't remember much about the 20 minute walk back to the apartment that night

On Sunday night we re-visited 'Palms' and I took part in the karaoke night they had on.  P was most disappointed that there were no Depeche Mode songs listed, so refused to get up and sing!  A great night had by all and had a lengthy chat with the Ex pat owners of Palms about life in PP.  Quite an eye opener!  Also chatted with another great chap but can't remember the name of the cafe.  It turned out he wasn't spanish, he was actually Moroccan but could speak 7 languages.  We bumped into him a couple more times whilst walking around PP and he always recognised us and said 'hola!'.

Puerto Pollensa itself was lovely.  Beautiful beaches and lovely clear, calm sea.  We had 3 sunny days and 2 dull/rainy days while we were there but this didn't stop us having a great time.  The marina area is great too with plenty of places to eat, drink, chill out along the way.  If you're ever heading out to PP check out the lovely 'Pine Walk' along the beach and also the fantastic sand sculptures by the marina.

We left PP on Tues lunchtime and headed out to the Airport by transfer.  Really didn't want to leave and can't wait to head back out there to the Don Miguel in just 5 weeks.  This will be the kids first holiday abroad and we really can't wait and neither can they!  As for the flying..... still don't like the take off - at all, but everything else was ok and as with Tenerife - still have the bug for overseas travel. :-)

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