Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mission to get fit 2011 - Update 2

Yes, i know it's been a while since my last fitness update but believe me a fair bit has happened!

I returned from our Florida holiday once again having lost all motivation for running.  As I've said before I only have to miss a couple of weeks and it's then so hard to get back into it.  Anyhow, I went out for the occasional plod around the local streets but decided I needed a goal to help get me motivated - it was time to look for another race.  Scouring events on the Runners World website I eventually decided to enter the Acorns Triple Run, in particular the 5k run.  At first even the prospect of this wasn't enough to get my bum into gear but as the event drew closer I knew I had to get myself moving and slowly began to increase the number of runs and distance per week.

I completed the Acorn's Spring Run on 29th May in around 33 - 34 mins (sorry not accurate as I couldn't stop gps in time!) which I was quite pleased with.  At the same event 'P' also completed the Acorn's Half Marathon.  Whilst standing there watching runners (of all shapes and sizes) finish that Half Marathon I decided it was time to kick the training up a notch - if they could do it, so could I!

I've now entered the Evesham Vale 10k on 10th July and also the Lichfield 10k on 11th September 2011.  I've begun a training program to help me achieve the distance, as although I have completed a 10k before, this was 2 years ago and I currently can't run for more than 40 mins without keeling over at the side of the road!  I'm also getting my breathing looked into as I'm having some real issues on that point, hopefully once this is sorted it should make things a bit easier at least.

I'm hoping that by blogging my training plan for each week along with my actual runs it will help keep me motivated.  Sometimes it's just so difficult to juggle life and fit in that 4 mile run at the end of the day.  You hereby have permission to kick me up the bum if I'm not meeting my weekly quota! :)

So here goes Week 1 of the new training plan has already be completed...........well kind of! Yes, I know, not a very good start but week 2 is so far going much better :).  I will update week 2 as the activities are completed so check back for my progress.

Week 1

Mon - Rest - Rest
Tues - 20 min run, moderate - 20 min run, mod
Weds - Rest - Rest
Thurs - 25 mins, moderate - None
Fri - 20 mins, easy - None
Sat - Rest - Rest
Sun - 35 mins long run - 35 mins 4.8k

(Training plan with actual activity in blue (or red if not completed))

Week 2

Mon - 25 min run, mod - 25 min mod, 2.38 miles
Tues - Rest - Rest
Weds - 30 min mod - 29.36 min mod, 2.74 miles
Thurs - 25 min easy - None
Fri - Rest - Rest
Sat - 40 min long run - None
Sun - Rest - Rest

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