Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mission to get fit 2011 – Update 3

Update 3 starts on a downer :(

Last week I developed a niggley pain, one that I've felt before.  Although I've done my best to take things gradually -  I've not increased my speed and distance at the same time and not increased the length of my runs by more than 5 minutes each week, and yet this nagging shin pain has returned.  After getting shin splints on a couple of occasions (the first where I didn't know about such things and decided to run through it! d'oh) it's really not a road I want to go down again, I almost have a paranoia about it!  The first experience I had of them saw me hardly able to walk the 10 minute school run let alone run a 5k and I was pretty much out of running action for around 8 months!

Therefore, call it an excuse if you like, but last week was pretty much a total wash out regarding the running plan.  After a couple of runs early in the week the niggle was getting worse so I decided rather than ruining my chances of completing the 10k altogether I'd rest, ice and dose with ibuprofen to help alleviate the problem.  After rethinking my running plan I wonder if the problem has arisen, not from the quality of my running but from the fact I'm now trying to cram in 4 runs a week after generally only doing a couple here and there.  Hence, I've decided for the time being to reduce my training plan down to 3 runs per week with an extra one here and there if all is going well.  I may not be quite ready for the 10k in July but I will finish it, even if I have to walk some of the way!

So here goes (I will update through the week):

Week 3

Mon - Rest - Rest
Tues - 25 min, easy - 28 min, easy/mod
Weds - Rest - Rest
Thurs - 35 min, mod
Fri - Rest
Sat - 45 min long run
Sun - Rest

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