Thursday, 14 July 2011 gone!

Ok, I don't want to jinx things but............the IBS is gone, well, for now at least.

After following the instructions of the Colonic Hydrotherapist (see Colonic Hydrotherapy - what's good for Madonna's good for me!), for the entire duration of last week I cut wheat from my diet, ate sack loads of veg, salad and fresh produce and drank plenty of water.  OMG how hard was that!  Well I'm here to tell you, it was extremely hard, but nevertheless I stuck with it.  After the initial rough start with wheat withdrawal symptoms galore, by Thursday I gradually started to feel a little better.  I woke up headache free and for the first time in about 2 weeks, no niggly stomach pain developed as the day wore on.  Each day since then my stomach has gradually felt better and better and I haven't had a headache since last Wednesday which is a massive thing for me.

I decided after reading various articles online and a great product review over at 'A Mother's Ramblings' that I would give wheat or more so gluten free bread a try.  Even though I don't believe I have a wheat intolerance, I do believe that reducing it as part of my diet as helped dramatically and therefore would like to keep things that way.  I dashed down to Asda on Saturday morning to buy some of Warburtons new Gluten and Wheat Free bread and was surprised at how nice it was (and also some of Asda's Freefrom Lemon Shortbread Biscuits.......OMG heaven on earth!).  The good thing I've noticed though, is that I've not gone back to shovelling bread down my neck with every possible meal and snack, in fact I've only eaten around 4 or 5 slices in total since Saturday which basically means I've broken the wheat/carb addiction!

All things salad, veg and now fruit too are foremost in my mind.  'P' has helped loads by joining me on the healthy eating plan and bringing me some great things home from the supermarket to try.  We're slowly getting the kids onboard but at least they're eating more veg and fruit now.  Although not 100%, I can honestly say, *touches wood* that I've not felt this well in ages and I just hope it lasts.

For anyone out there who suffers with IBS, please take a good look at your diet before rushing off to the Docs for yet more useless medication.  I know it's not the same for everyone and some people really do have particular food allergies and intolerances that they need to get sorted, but there are also many people out there like I was, who live on a daily diet of stress and convenience food.  I'd highly recommend Colonic Hydrotherapy as a starting point but I really believe that it's the information and advice that the therapist gave me rather than the actual treatment, that's proved invaluable.


  1. I really should give up wheat and gluten myself! Glad that things are going well and remember if you ever want to know if anything is any good give us a call and I will let you know what's what. Jam tarts are nice...

  2. Thanks pippa. I looked at the jam tarts the other day but then went for the crimbles instead :)