Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mission to get fit 2011 – Update 5....Race week!

Ok, so the countdown's almost over.  This Sunday will see me taking part in the Evesham Vale 10k in Worcestershire and I'm starting to get very, very worried.  Although I finally managed a long run of almost an hour on Sunday, I've done nowhere near enough training to prepare me for the 10k distance.  At my current long distance pace I can only hope to complete the course in around 1 hour 11 minutes (if I'm lucky) and that's a diabolical time compared to my previous years efforts.  However, I'm looking more to the next few months.  I've come a long way in the last couple of months and if I just continue the training my September race could see me getting my best time ever.

Not much on the training plan for this week due to Sunday being race day, so shouldn't be too taxing!

Week 6

Mon - Rest - Rest
Tues - Rest - Rest
Weds - 25 min easy - 25.36 min, 2.17m
Thurs - Rest - Rest
Fri - 35 min easy -
Sat - Rest - Rest
Sun - RACE DAY - 10K 10.30am Evesham Vale

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