Monday, 16 January 2012

The mojo is back

I'm what you'd call an irregular runner (plodder).

I see running as a means to an end, the end being a sleeker body and the opportunity to not look like a beached whale whilst on holiday.  But saying this, I do very occasionally actually get what is known as the 'running bug' - that buzz you get from continually improving and an urge to get out there for your next run.  I hasten to emphasize here that this 'buzz', for me, is infrequent and more often than not I require a bad result from the scales or a kick up the arse to actually get me out there.

This is kind of how 2011 panned out.  My best laid running plans went out of the window.  Races I'd intended to do, I didn't and by September I could tell the jelly belly was making a return.  I felt that in order to progress I needed to change the way I trained.  Too often I was plagued with shin splints and achy knees which made me think I was going about it all in the wrong way.  My aim has been for a while now, that I get back to 10K races but the same thing happens every time.  I enter a race to give me 'motivation' then I put far too much pressure on myself to get across the finish line in a good time and by doing so end up knackering myself completely in the run up to the big day.

From October last year I decided to ask my friend Jane to come out with me twice a week. Although we spend far too much time talking, the commitment to get out there each week is there regardless of speed and distance.  In addition to running with Jane I also tried to add in a longer run each weekend which I sometimes do with 'P'.  This time though, rather than increasing my distance I just run for an allotted time and try to keep my pace slow to steady,  I then increase my long run by around 5 minutes each weekend.

Now this was all going well until Christmas and New Year loomed.  Work commitments increased, Jane and I had other engagements (yes, yes, excuses I know!) but basically it all went kind of crappy for a while.  However, 2012 has seen me return with a vengeance.  I've not only been running regularly but also walking much more than I normally would.  My 'time' rather than 'distance' regime seems to be working well and wait for it..........I actually got up this morning aching to go for a run!  Yes, the BUZZ is back.

I opted in the end for a brisk dog walk rather than push myself on a rest day but at least I know the urge is there and hopefully will stay.

January 2012

Runs to date: 5
Walks to date: 8
Hikes to date: 1
Calories burnt to date: 2449

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  1. Thanks for the comment... I say the same thing, why go against something that is natural... Mouth breathing...