Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sister Act......Simply Fabulous, baby!

Last night the ladies choir went on a super trip to The Grand theatre in Wolverhampton to see the musical 'Sister Act'.  Being a massive fan of the films I couldn't wait to see what the live show would be like.  Although, the musical possesses none of the songs from the original films (which I initially found a little disappointing) the new soundtrack written by Alan Menken more than makes up for this.  There are some great show-stopping and emotive songs and very witty lyrics written by Glenn Slater.

The show follows much of the story of the original first film with just some slight alterations to the Las Vegas ending.  I personally found that the show had even more humorous lines delivered with great timing not only by the lead characters but the entire cast.  One of my favourites for this being Jacqueline Clarke who played Sister Mary Lazarus, the grouchy and cynical nun within the order.

All praise has to be given to Cynthia Erivo who played Deloris Van Cartier who, unlike her character in the film, has the majority of the musical performances within the show.  She had a real mix of songs and seemed to be able to adapt her voice accordingly between the rich soul diva and the sweet angelic style.  Along with Julie Atherton who plays Sister Mary Robert, these girls made my hairs stand on end.

The cast as a whole delivered the show with such energy and enthusiasm, my one regret is not taking 'A' with me as I think she would have loved it!  Sister Act is such an upbeat, feel good, family show I defy anyone to leave the theatre without a smile on their face, I know I did :).

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