Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Gallery - Me Right Now

The Gallery theme this week is 'Me Right Now' so here I am, erm........right now, courtesy of 'A' snapping away on my HTC. (Yes, she's off school with the lurgy along with lovely son).  Sorry, picture quality's not good!

Just been for a run, a rather crap one at that and analysing the results online with Runkeeper.  Now freezing cold, can't get warm and trying to absorb the last bit of heat from my mug of tea. (Also, trying to stay as far away from the kids as possible to avoid contagion, don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer though!)


  1. Hope you can hold off the germs.

  2. I hope the germs are short lived. Touch wood we seem to have escaped the worse of them this year.


  3. Oh dear, there seem to be a lot of germs going around at the moment - hope you escape them soon!

  4. hope everyone is better soon and you warmed up quickly!