Monday, 20 December 2010

5 sleeps to go!

Well it's now officially 5 sleeps till the big day itself and now we have snow as well just to add to the Christmas festivities.  Not before time though I think, as everyone else seems to have had their fair share!  Our latest covering arrived on Saturday and what a covering it was - 5 and a half inches settled in our back garden!  Arnold's loving every minute of it and has been for lots or snowy walks and the kids have been sledging and snowballing!


I made some of Delia's lovely mincemeat a few weeks ago and this has been sitting in the cupboard until now awaiting it's first usage!  Due to the heavy snow and being unable to get to the shop, I decided to give making my own pastry a go too and I'm pleased to say it all turned out very well indeed.  I'm not actually a huge fan of mince pies but even I had to try one of these beauties as the smell was just delish!

We were hoping to go to the German market in Birmingham like we do every year but unfortunately we're now a little limited by the weather.  We will endeavour to pull on our warmest clothes and boots though and brave the elements before the week's out!  Wednesday night also brings our first ever trip to the 'Traditional Festive Night' at the Black Country Museum (again weather permitting!) which we're all thoroughly looking forward to.......for me, the mulled wine in particular ;)

'P' still has all his pressies still to get and is venturing out tonight to see what he can gather.  Just wrapping left for me to do and I know it's a little late but still a few cards to send too!  Absolutely loving these cosy afternoons in by the fire with the snow on the ground.  I keep getting this niggly feeling though that there's something I haven't done.  There seems so much time left till the big day and yet all is calm and not the usual frantic rush - not that I'm complaining!


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