Friday, 3 December 2010

New Song Lyrics - Hankies Needed!

The other day I received a lovely comment on my 'My Compositions' page from Pete Walmsley at Wiltshire Hotpot.  He said that he had penned a few words to my composition affectionately known as 'Song A' and would I like to see them!   Well the answer was most definitely yes, and Pete sent these over for me to take a look at.

Now although, the verses that Pete had written were lovely, I just couldn't get them to quite fit with the song.  As I explained to Pete this was most probably because he was listening to the whole song with instrumental bits and all and without a copy of the music in front of him he wasn't to know which bits needed words!  Pete's words did however inspire me to write a little ditty myself.  I knew as soon as I wrote the song, the lyrics needed to be sombre as you can just feel it in the music.  So here it is, hankies at the ready as it's a sad one...............

Listen to...... 'I Never Said Goodbye'

'I Never Said Goodbye'

When we look, to the past
I'm sure we thought our time would last
We'd always have another day
A day to say goodbye
Now that day has gone and so
The way I felt, you'll never know
I loved you more than words could say
I hoped you loved me too
Who can say, who's to tell
What you felt in your heart
Now we're apart
Well I guess I'll never know, never know
Life goes by, in a glance
We should have talked while we had the chance
But now you're gone and all I know
(is) I never said goodbye
Music & Lyrics (c) Rachel Griffiths 2010

Thanks again to Pete for 'inspiring' me and I will be intending to use some of Pete's own verses wherever possible in some of my other songs.


  1. Hi Rachel, Song A - what a beautiful song thank you - I played it on loop whilst surfing the net this evening.

  2. Thank you so much, that's a lovely comment :)