Wednesday, 1 December 2010

'The Gallery' - 3 Kings

Don't be fooled by the title!  Yes, it's now December but I'm not talking the same 3 kings who travelled to Bethlehem with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh but more so the ones adorned with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds and a couple of blokes named Jack!

This weeks theme for the gallery is 'Celebration' so I thought I'd post a picture of my own little celebration.  This was a celebration of my first victory over hubby at poker.  We'd played sooooo many times, sometimes just the two of us and other times as a group but he always managed to wipe the floor with me.  The thing is, I wouldn't say I'm competitive when it comes to playing games with 'P'..........well ok then, yes, I'm VERY competitive so you can imagine my joy the first time I wiped him out at Poker!  As you can see from the picture, I don't think he could quite believe it either.

You may think it a little sad to felt the need to photograph this occasion but victories like this are few and far between............I was determined to preserve the evidence!

[caption id="attachment_431" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Full House - Victory is mine!"][/caption]



  1. Very good! Not what I was expecting!!

  2. He does not look impressed - at all! LOl

    Mich x

  3. No he most certainly wasn't - he's made up for his defeat several times since tho ;)

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