Monday, 29 November 2010

Listen carefully...I shall blog zis only once!

Went to see my good friend Jo in 'Allo 'Allo on Saturday afternoon (not Wednesday night as I'd originally planned due to a migraine!) at Leasowes Community Theatre.  This was an amateur production by local group Mayhem Theatre but there was nothing amateur about the performance - it was fab!

It was great to see acquaintances from disbanded Halesowen Musical Comedy Society which I used to be a member of, some of which I'd not seen for about 15 years!  Everyone played their parts exceptionally well and did a great job with the German, French and Italian accents which must have been tricky.

Jo's performance as 'Edith' saw her entering the stage for her first scene adorned with bread rolls for hair curlers.  I'd also like to assure anyone who came to see the performance (especially parents of the school choir!) that Jo's singing really isn't that bad and she obviously does a very good act of singing out of tune :)

A lot of work had gone into the creation of the set which was certainly apparent when the curtains opened.  Authentic costumes were hired in to give the performance a really professional feel.  I would urge anyone to grab tickets for Mayhem's next show, you won't be disappointed.

Whenever I see a show like this I remember how much I used to love acting but I also remember the effort and long hours that go into it.  Well done, Mayhem for all your hard work and on a superb show that had daughter and I in stitches on several occasions (especially anything associated with hidden knockwurst sausages!).

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