Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday's Treasures - No to nailbiting!

Week 3 of Tuesday's Treasures is a a rather random picture of..............

My Nails!

This may seem a bit of a strange choice for my treasure but I am extremely proud of these little beauties.  I have been an addicted nail biter for 33 years and then suddenly last year I finally managed to break the habit!

I tried so many different methods including that horrible 'nail biting solver' but nothing seemed to work - eventually it just came down to sheer willpower.  After buying many, many packs of 'Broadway Artifical Nails' I thought the time had come to stop spending my money and just grow my own.

I started using Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth which was great and really helped to strengthen my nails.  I found that once I'd got past the 'end of finger' stage I wasn't even tempted to bite them.  I think the temptation was more so a jagged bit of nail or dry skin but once I started looking after them this disappeared.

Looking after my nails is now something I find quite therapeutic.  I love cutting and shaping them and also trying different colours of nail enamel.  Obviously, they still break from time to time like everyone elses but I've never been tempted to bite them even when they do.  Due to the fact that I'd bitten my nails for such a long time and also that I used to bite them so low the nail bed areas are now quite short, but even these have improved as time's gone on though.

I often get compliments now on my 'lovely' nails and I'm so proud as I know the willpower it took to get them like this.  My nails are actually quite short on this photo as they were getting too long for playing the piano. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd actually have to 'cut' my nails with scissors......I thought my teeth would forever do the job!


  1. Your nails look beautiful, well done for breaking that habit. x

  2. Well done - I managed to stop biting for about 9 months and then went back to work and started again :(
    here is my tuesday treasures - not much of an explaination but do I need one! http://thoughtsfromavillage.blogspot.com/2010/11/tuesdays-treasure_22.html

  3. Awww they look lovely :) I can't even remember now what mine were like when they were that little !