Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday's Treasures - Feathery Feeding Time!

For this week's Tuesday's Treasures I decided to post a picture of something that's very needed by our feathery friends at the moment.

On my birthday wish list this year was a bird feeding station which was kindly bought for me by my brother.  When I was growing up my Dad was a avid ornithologist (and still is!) but to be quite honest I could never see the fascination! Since getting older however I now have more of an interest in all things 'wildlife' and there's nothing I like better than sitting at the kitchen table on a Sunday morning, nice hot cup of tea in hand whilst watching a garden full of birds enjoying their Sunday brunch.

I like to put a variety of food out but the blue-tits, great-tits and goldfinches particularly love sunflower hearts.  Although, I must have got through at least 8 seed feeders in this year alone as the rather annoying squirrel (gun at the ready) keeps attacking them! I've now had to resort to a metal nut feeder but the feathery numbers seem to have dwindled recently so I really don't think they're impressed with the menu choice!


  1. Hi There! hope you have had a good week, I've been run off my feet!
    So I have to confess it's wednesday and I haven't done my Tuesday Treasure, although my excuse was that I did go and see the latest Harry Potter film last night, which was my first night out with Husband since having our kids over 18 months!!! So I suppose you could say my Tuesday Treasure was spending time with my Husband. even though we were in the dark watching a film, we were able to snuggle up on the two seater sofa that our local cinema is able to offer!

    Oh and you will never believe this but I have just bought the same bird feeder for our garden as I felt sorry for our feathered friends in this cold cold weather - spooky!

  2. Yes I've had a great but busy week ty! Harry Potter's awesome isn't it?! How lovely to have a well earned night out with your hubby though (especially canoodling in the back row of the pictures! lol).
    I'm constantly going outside at the moment to clear the bird feeder off as although we havent had a lot of snow, it still quickly covers the seed I've put out! All good fun tho :)

    Oooh should mention, from next week through Dec Tuesday's Treasures will have a Christmas theme - it would be great to see some of your Christmas treasures! :)