Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Arnold Update - 15 Weeks!

Well Arnold's now 15 weeks old, in fact he'll be 16 weeks this coming Saturday and I can't believe how much he's grown!  We've gone through ups and downs with his behaviour, in particular, the biting and his latest spirited episode involved getting tangled up in the cables to the external hard drive and proceeding to knock it on the floor.  I can now also see where the phrase 'the dog ate my homework' came from as he's such a little sneak thief, he will steal and run off with any piece of paper he can get his teeth on.  We've even had to remove the waste paper bin from the lounge as he wouldn't stop stealing tissues, wrappers, you name it, and running off with them!   He's still quite fond of taking a chunk out of me and seems to have taken a liking to my slippers (as they have a pink rosette on each one that he likes to attack!).

He likes have a mooch in the garden, in fact he's doing this as I type!  You would not believe the things he has bought in that he's found buried underneath rock and plants!  He seems to have settled down a lot now and has got used to the routine in the house.  He's still happy to settle down in his crate at night and likes to go sleep in his bed in the living room when we're all at home.


He's now taken to barking when anyone knocks on the front door, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.........guard dog in the making me thinks!  We've been for many walks to school and back where he's enjoyed jumping up and biting all the nice strangers that walk past.  We've yet to loose him off the lead but we know this is something we need to try soon to get him used to coming back to us.  A plentiful supply of treats required I think!

All in all he's becoming a loving companion to us all and despite his moments of sheer craziness I don't know how we ever managed without him! Although,  I do think the neighbours maybe sick of hearing the words 'NO ARNOLD'!

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