Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fabulous Girlfriends - Part 2 - Jo

Thought I’d give you a little insight into the fab girls in my life and how our lives became intertwined in the first place.  So here’s the low down (in no particular order….before anyone gets upset lol).


I actually first met Jo quite a few years ago when I was around 16 as we were both in a production of West Side Story that was staged at Dudley Castle.  After completing this particular show I then joined Halesowen Musical Comedy Society which Jo was also a member of.  At the time we were probably more so 'acquaintances' rather than friends.  We saw each other at rehearsals and chatted but that was as far as things went, probably due to the fact that I was a little younger and we had very different lives.

A few years down the line I happened to bump into Jo on the school playground one afternoon and it also turned out that we had a mutual friend.  We got talking each afternoon and discovered we had daughters in the same class and also that she'd been tying 'S's shoelaces each week at football practice as his bad mother (me!) basically left him to get on with it :).  From then on we became closer and closer and our friendship bloomed!

Jo and I set up a school choir about 3 years ago which is still going strong so what with that, general school runs and the fact that Jo's also now in the Circuit Ladies Choir.........we pretty much see each other most days!  In fact it has been known for us to stand and talk for a good hour outside the school gates after everyone else has gone home (much to the caretaker's amusement!).

We've had so many good times and happy memories already, there are just too many to name them all.  We've shared family camping trips, drunken girlie nights out, drunken bonfire/new years and just general parties (noticing a theme here?), Tenby weekends and many, many cups of tea!  Jo is a really good friend and super listener and is always there when I need her. She's also now the fountain of knowledge regarding all things 'puppy' as she's already been there and done it all with lovely Airedale, Arthur.

Here's to many more cups of tea, drunken episodes and super times.

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