Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wall Murals for Kids by My Wonderful Walls

A site which has caught my interest lately is My Wonderful Walls. It is owned and operated by Stephanie and Michael Goins out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They have recently partnered with T.C. Thompson's Children's Hospital in an effort to bring some joy to the ill patients. How? A few times a year, they visit the hospital and install their wall murals. They have helped to decorate and entire floor full of rooms and hope to do more.

By writing this post to my blog, they will donate one mural to the hospital.

How cool is that?

At their online store My Wonderful Walls offers these awesome wall murals as stencil kits and stylish kids wall art. The stencil kits make is possible for all parents to paint a mural in their child's bedroom. And they have all sorts of themes for boys and girls alike. Check out Garden, Princess and Fairy for your girl; Transportation, Dinosaur and Forest are great for any boy's room; and more gender neutral themes include Under the Sea, Farm, and Jungle.

For more information about their products or to donate to their mural-give program go to

Here's an idea of their artwork below, I think it's lovely!

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