Tuesday, 5 October 2010

It never rains....

Well what a few weeks it's been and none of it good!

Nan Jones passed away at the end of August at the grand old age of 99.  She'd been poorly so many times but on this occasion simply wasn't strong enough to fight it.  Such a shame she never made it to her 100th birthday in April as although she'd never admit it, I think she was looking forward to all the attention.

Next, came A's accident at school!  One of her friends accidentally kicked her in the face whilst doing a cartwheel which resulted in one cracked and broken front tooth.  Since then she's had to have the broken tooth removed and had root canal work done.  The dentist tried to use the broken part of her tooth as a crown but unfortunately after a couple of days it broke off again.  She's back at the dentist to have a crown made and fitted tomorrow so hopefully she'll look like the A we know again soon.


Sadly, on the 16th September, P's dad Stan suddenly collapsed and passed away.  This was very sudden and a shock to us all.  The funeral was held on 30th September and with numerous people standing at the back of the church we hope this was a fitting tribute to him.  He will be sadly missed by us all and we'd like to say a HUGE thank you for all the kindness and support shown by family and friends. X

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