Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Puppy Class - Week 1

Took Arnold to his first ever puppy socialisation class tonight at our local vets - what a fab way to spend an hour!

Keeping Arnold company was Monty the Norfolk Terrier, Henry the Beagle, Tinkerbell the Sprocker (cross between a Cocker and Springer Spaniel), Marley the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Megan the Welsh Terrier............along with their respective owners!

The trainer spent a little time tonight telling us about 'puppy biting' and 'lead training'.  We didn't feel we learned a lot as with Arnold being 16 weeks old we've tried most techniques already!  We did spend some time handling other people's pooches though, in particular we were given Henry and Megan.  I don't think the other owners knew quite how to handle Arnold excessive energy levels though!

The last 15 minutes all the puppies were allowed off their leads and had a chance to play/bite/hump/growl/bark you name it!  I have to say we had a great time watching Arnold interact with the other puppies.  He finally seems to have met his match in Marley the Staffy as he was equally as keen to bite, box and attack as Arnold is.  Arnold seem to have a rather worrying attraction to Henry the Beagle but the trainer assured us we need not be worried at this early stage :)

All in all, it seems a good night was had by all and I don't think I've ever seen Arnold quite so shattered.  He's sleeping peacefully in his bed my feet as I type and after tonights escapades, think he'll probably be there for most of tomorrow too!

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