Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Just Gone Fishin'

Found this lovely poem last week and was so appropriate that we included with Stan's flowers at the funeral.  Many thanks to Gordon Grubb http://www.shroplad.co.uk/poems/just-gone-fishin/

I thought I’d better let you know
The reason I’ve gone missin
I’m where there’s ten pound angel fish
Thats right I’ve just gone fishin.

A man named Peter at some gates
Asked if I’d had permission
My anglers license got me in
And now I’m happy fishin.

The waters here are crystal clear
Better than the river Severn
You get a bite at every cast
In this lovely river Heaven.

My old dad’s casting by my side
And my dear mom I’m a kissin
Don’t worry all I’m happy here
Yes I’ve simply just  gone fishin.

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