Friday, 22 October 2010

Quick poorly pooch update...

Arnold has been a little poorly over the last few days (again!).  I never knew a puppy could poop so much, I thought the kids were bad enough (when they were babies that is!).  It all started about 3 or 4 days ago with yet another upset stomach.  We thought, 'oh well, revert back to the old rice and chicken routine and maybe change his regular food'.  Ready to put this plan into action yesterday morning we got up to find poor little Arnold wouldn't leave his crate.  Believe me, this is not the puppy we know and love as his early morning tactics normally involve toe biting, leg licking and general yampyness!

After enticing him out of the crate we discovered that he was having terrible trouble walking and knew a swift trip to the vet was in order.  After being looked over the vet said he had a temperature.  She gave him a couple of jabs and told us to rest him and bring him back the next day.

He returned to the vet today and although he's still limping and has slept a lot, his temperature has gone down very slightly.  The vet seems to think that he may have just had some kind of viral infection which caused his joints to ache.  He has more antibiotics and anti-inflammatory's to take over the weekend and we're to take him back mid-week if there's no improvement.

It's so horrible watching him in this condition as he's just not our little hyper puppy at the moment.  As much as the jumping and nipping drives us mad, I'd much rather have that than a pupster who constantly sleeps and looks very sorry for himself indeed :(

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