Friday, 15 October 2010

Small dog syndrome!

Arnold had his first meeting with the rather large Arthur the Airedale today!

We met up at his house and Arnold went in his usually barky, jumpy, boisterous self but that soon subsided when he realised he'd met a much, much bigger dog indeed. He tried his best with his loudest bark but it was just no match for Arthur's big loud WOOF!

They played in the garden and then Bella the Lurcher came to play too, although being a girl she really wasn't interested in all their childish games :).  Arthur was so good with him - he could of quite easily knocked him over but played lovely.

We went on a long walk (well, long for Arnold) and ended up having a coffee before walking back to Arthur's house.  We even met Toto the Cairn Terrier while we were out but he wasn't feeling particularly sociable today, although he did let Arnold have a little sniff!  Bella, Arthur and Toto walked in a lovely straight line next to their owners whilst Arnold zig-zagged from side to side, doing double the journey to everyone else!

Poor Arnold's shattered now and has gone for a well earned rest.  Bet he can't wait for the next meeting.


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