Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fabulous Girlfriends - Part 1 - Emma

Thought I'd give you a little insight into the fab girls in my life and how our lives became intertwined in the first place.  So here's the low down (in no particular order....before anyone gets upset lol).

Emma (or Emsie as she's affectionately now known!)

I met Emma when we were 5 years old and started school together.  I can't remember the exact first meeting but I know that we were both such nervous 5 year olds that we used to walk everywhere holding hands.  I remember a dinnerlady telling us one day, that we wouldn't be able to hold hands forever.......strange woman....why ever not ????!

I can remember Em and I keeping a 'joint' diary when we were about 15 which pretty much covered everything that was going on, boys and people that pee'd us off!  Oh, how I'd love to read that now!  I have fond memories of 1991 not only because of the 'joint' diary but also because we spent pretty much every day of the Summer holidays together.  I remember us watching Poltergeist 1,2 and 3 on consecutive days (whilst eating fish and chips) and watching Grease so many times we lost count.  I also have my friendship with Emma to thank for introducing me to 'P' as he was a friend of Emma's older brother Rob.

Em and I have stayed great friends ever since, sharing primary and high school together and she's also godmother to our son 'S'.  She's always been there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on and I hope I've done the same for her when she's been going through rough times.  She has a lovely son who's 5 who is absolutely wonderful and really makes me smile with his smashing sense of humour and contagious laugh.  We love to meet up (probably not often enough!) and always end up talking about funny stories, music we listened to when we were younger and our general philosohpy on life.

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  1. Think i may still have that diary somewhere, will have to have a look.... we may make our fortune with that rach!!!! ha ha!!!! x x x

  2. I'm sure you have lost that diary em.............................................please !!!

  3. well i found the diary had a flick through and your name seems to crop up a lott paul ha ha!! think i am gonna have a good read and a laugh tonigh!!!